Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Be sure to read the Washington Post each day instead of waiting until the day before class so you are able to retain more of the information and be informed of current events! – Mary-Margaret Koch

If you have trouble reading on  a screen, they have the Washington Post in the basement level of the library every day!  I would also highly recommend getting both the Washington Post app as well as the CNN app, and signing up for the updates that show up on your lock screen to get constant updates. – Grace Goulding

It’s really easy to lose points for silly formatting things, and it will be a lot easier to keep those points if you just commit to learning all of the style conventions as soon as we go over them. – Lindsey Grutchfield

Make sure to always reach out to Professor Piacente with any questions you have. He is more than willing to teach you the tricks of the trade and how to critically read articles online. If you ever find something interesting online and have questions about how it was written, definitely ask, he’ll provide you with good insights. – Andrew Eversden

Be sure to meet with Sarah even though you might be doing well in the class. She was very helpful in making you think out loud and recognize your mistakes. Also do not give up so easily, writing any news story can be hard but it does take a lot of practice. Look at your writing piece over and over again and catch for any silly mistakes. – Yaniza Creamer 

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