Monday, May 2, 2016

Future Tips for Students

Dear future students for the Writing for Comm class with Prof. Piacente,

Some tips I would like to give you to do well in this course. Firstly, make sure to read the Washington Post daily to succeed in the current event quizzes (make sure to not try to read a weeks worth of news right before class). Secondly, understand the feedback Professor Piacente gives you on all of your assignments, as they will be really helpful for future writing exercises. Make sure to also see Sarah Baker, the class writing tutor, she gives really helpful advice, especially for any necessary rewrites that you may have to do. Finally, make sure to do practice writing responses (which can be found in the textbook), they will really help build on your expertise with the in-class writing assignments. 

Wish you all the best of luck and make the semester worthwhile!

Feiras A.R.

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