Friday, May 5, 2017

Top Tips for Next WFC Class (5/5/17):

Elly Murray-Mendelson: My tip for students next semester would be to always do the rewrites and extra stories. Receiving and utilizing feedback is the only way for your writing to grow, especially with the new styles we learned in this class.

McKenna Roper: The advice I would give to your incoming students is to really look at your feedback and redo old assignments because that's the only way to improve.

Meghan Howie: If I had to give any advice to an incoming class of comm-200 Writing for Communication, I would say that learning the AP Style guide one rule at a time is key. This guide is important in nearly all careers following SOC, so learning the rules about specific titles and organizations and dates as you use them will be extremely helpful. 

Savannah Miller: My tip for this class would be to really pay attention to the feedback that Professor Piacente gives on writing assignments because it’s helpful and there to improve your writing. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for clarification because that will also help you succeed in this class.

Camden Marcucci: The most important thing that helped me improve my writing in this class was reading the textbook. Although this seems like a given, I have had a lot of friends in other classes who have rented or purchased textbooks and never actually read them. This textbook was filled to the brim with useful information on various types of writing and AP style tips.

Sierra Schmitz: My tip for your students next semester would be to make their own study guide by printing out their graded assignments with your comments and tracking what mistakes they are consistently making so they can practice to fix them!

Karissa Waddick: My one piece of advice for next semesters Writing for Communications class is to take full advantage of the guest speakers. The speakers give a lot of insight into the media world and are interesting to listen to so pay attention to what they say. Do research on them and ask questions.

George Gerardi: My tip for the next class is "study for the current event quizzes with a friend". It's always good to have an extra pair of eyes on the material and you can have lengthy discussions about it.

Marco Perasso: One recommendation I would have for the next class you teach is to include a vocabulary sheet, which could include different ways of structuring the lead and phrasing key details. I understand that students will not have to think as much, however, I certainly believe this would be beneficial for the student at the beginning of the semester.

Chris Cassidy: My tip for next years class is to practice writing stories as much as you can. It is really the only way to get better.
Laila Rosenthal: If it isn't too late, I would like to offer my tip for next semester's students. They should not try to cram a week's worth of the Washington Post in an hour. It doesn't work.

Joieann Graves: Be confident in yourself and keep trying. Also, go out of your comfort zone and talk to the speakers that come in. They're very cool and offer great advice.

Tugba Guner: Use the AP Style guide and the press release outline you’re given!

Oakey Daskas: Be sure to stick to deadlines!!

Anna Cho: My tip for next semester is: Don't miss class; it's not worth it-- you miss so much in one class period. Also, take in and understand all the feedback Professor Piacente gives back for each assignment because that is essential to improvement.

Natalie Ravis: My tip for them is to practice writing stories because it's the only way to see where you went wrong and to see the differences between the types of writing.