Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Class Notes 4/23/2018

About Final:
-       The final (on 5/7/18) will consist of a broadcast story and a press release.
-       Last current events quiz is next week, it will be worth double, and the second grade will replace your worst quiz grade over the semester.
-       There will be no homework in the next two weeks but Professor Piacente welcomes practice stories/press releases for review before the final.

Broadcast review:
-       Broadcast stories should start with present tense!
-       Prioritizing is the priority! Emphasize the most important thing in the lead. For example, nothing is more important than the dead kid in the Andrew Jamison story.
-       Maintain present tense throughout the story by starting some sentences or paragraphs with things like Officials say, Police say, Authorities say…
-       Quotes are not an option; people’s statements should be paraphrased.
-       All words need to be completely spelled out. Abbreviations are not allowed (it wouldn’t be Md. but Maryland instead).
-       Throwaway/feature leads catch the viewers’ attention but they don’t say much about the story. News leads are more straightforward.
-       Only use feature leads when appropriate, sometimes a joke is not the best option. You wouldn’t joke about Andrew Jamison or about the abandoned grandma. In these stories, the best appeal might be emotional.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

By Alexandra Sharat - Notes from 4/16/18

New & Improved Stefanie Ferguson Story: DUE DATE→ WEDNESDAY BY 5 PM SHARP
2-3 paragraphs response: DUE DATE→ FRIDAY BY 5 PM SHARP
-       You are applying for an internship or a job & the hiring manager says, “We have 27 people applying for this position, why should we pick you?”

Lead Discussion:
      Use present tense when you can (you cannot go into the past and use present tense).
      Example: “Officials say...”
      Start with the new news and then go into background.
      Be careful of vagueness (South of the Canadian border is everywhere).
      Use last names after the first reference.
      No opinions in pieces! Let the viewers come to the conclusion themselves.

Christa Davis:
      Career and leadership coach
      Focuses on emerging female leaders
      What is coaching?
      Help people facilitate change to achieve their goals while helping to change underlying habits and behaviors
      Helping people figure out the best choice for them
      More about asking questions to lead the person to the outcome they want to achieve
      What is not coaching?
      Therapy, consulting, mentoring
      Giving advice based on personal experience
      Manage mental illness or prescribe drugs
      Personal branding exercise 
      We naturally make judgements without knowing people
      We all have a personal brand whether you are aware of it or not
      How we act in public
      What we wear
      What we listen to
      What is a brand?
      Who you are
      Happens whether you think about it or not
      Personal Branding: Reflection
      What does personal branding mean to you?
      What is one goal that you would like to achieve by developing your brand?
      How would having a strong brand support you achieving that goal?
      The “Who, What, How” of Personal Branding
      Who: You!
      Strengths, talents, weaknesses
      What: What are you doing?
      Job, hobbies, networking
      How: How are you delivering?
      How are you showing up in life? Your energy, confidence, influence on others
      When you first meet someone:
      Words matter→ 7%
      Voice matters→ 38%
      Body Language matters→ 55%
*it is somewhat a trick question because if these things are not in alignment then the message will not get through*
      Defining your Who:
      What I must experiences in life
      What do I want to be known for?
      Getting your Who into action:
      Clarity on your values, strengths, passions, etc.
      Challenge barriers
      Pick on of your words to practice
      Chose a specific branding activity to demonstrate one of your attributes/strengths/passions
      Re-write your bio, elevator pitch or resume with a focus on these themes
      Use these questions & answers to frame your story