Monday, May 2, 2016

Tips for next semester's class

Welcome to Comm 200! This is a great class and you'll learn a lot. Make sure you read the news EVERYDAY because trying to catch up on a week's work of news the day of the quiz is really not easy and the quizzes are a big part of your final grade. If you're having difficulty remembering the news stories you've read throughout the week, make an outline with the headline and the general gist of what the article said an then review your outline the day of the quiz.

As for the class assignments, Professor Piacente's critiques are really helpful and clear. Read his comments thoroughly and you will learn how to improve and see what you can do better for next time. If you're having difficulty definitely reach out to him, he was able to sit down with me and clear up questions I had on an assignment. The writing tutor is also a great resource for assignments and stories. Best of luck and enjoy Writing for Communications!

Becca Hernandez

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