Thursday, March 6, 2014

Thursday, March 6

-       Differences between Journalism/PR (see handout)
o   Journalism: report the facts from both sides, not required to report facts directly as presented at press release, typically working with one medium
o   PR: Represent the interests of the client & advocate for client, “at the mercy” of the journalist, work with many different types of media
-       Differences between advertising/PR
o   Advertising: paid for, more stylized, more control over presentation
o   Press releases: more factual, less control over presentation
-       4 terms:
o   Advertising
o   Promotion
o   Publicity
o   PR
-       PR duties
o   Newsletters
o   Press releases
o   Plan events
o   Serve as spokesperson
o   Crisis management
-       Press release formatting (see handout)
o   Headline vs. Title: Headline uses active verb (that’s what we want)
o   Short and punchy headline, do not capitalize prepostitions
o   Don’t be unintentionally funny!
o   No need for attribution, you are the spokesperson/official
o   Avoid “psychic distance”
o   One sentence lead, no more than 2 sentence paragraph
o   End with – 30 -

- Megan Yoder

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