Thursday, March 27, 2014

2.27 Notes

Notes for Thursday, March 27, 14
  • ·      Next week

o   Guest professor
§  Will be doing grammar exercises
§  Will be doing exercises with broadcast journalism
  • ·      PR assignment due Saturday, March 29 at noon
  • ·      David Culver

o   Elements of a good story
§  Characters
·      Being able to connect with them with the audience and make them likeable
§  The way that one engages with people
·      Tone in the voice
o   Be theatrical
§  Reliability
§  Less of your voice the better
§  Short sentences
·      Keeps the audience pulled in
§  Cater to the audience
·      Inform and entertain
o   Give good facts in an entertaining way
§  When you don’t have the answer to the questions, put the questions out there for other people to ask
o   What did you learn from starting in a smaller market
§  Perspective
·      When you get someone to tell the story, it is a great story
§  It is about the process
·      Adds to the news which is received and the entertainment

§  It’s all about relationships that are developed

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