Thursday, March 27, 2014

Karutaratne Takeaway- Madison Moore

Bernadine Karutarante is an extremely influential women. Hearing her speak about being one of the first woman and international hires in her field really demonstrated her work ethic. She not only spoke of how making her personal brand the best it could be helped her, but of how it has impacted other people in her field. This only proves how much worth our personal brand and imaging can affect our careers. Coming from an age where our everything we do follows us, it was a big reminder to make sure anything I put out there I would not be embarrassed of if it were to come up in a job interview.
The biggest thing I took away from Karutarante was her steps to reaching your goals. Essentially never limiting your opportunities, and not being afraid to set yourself apart have allowed her to become the successful woman she is now. She impressed upon me the idea to be goal driven, but keep in mind that every experience can help you better your resume, and your personal self. Being able to ask a boss or professor what your strengths and weaknesses are will not only allow you to work on your weaknesses, but to capatilize on your strengths. In doing this you cannot only gain something that will set yourself apart from other applicants, but gain a more clear sense of who you are. And, according to Karutarante, this will more than anything give you the tools to reach your goals.

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