Thursday, March 6, 2014

Shapiro Takeaway - Katerina Pappas

I had a wonderful time listening to Shapiro’s stories and adventure into becoming a journalist, but I found one thing incredibly terrifying about journalism.  It took a terrible event in his college career for him to have his “big break” and to a point it could have been any hard working and hands on college student who wrote the story, it just happened to be him.  All I kept thinking about as he spoke to us was that journalism is such an interest based atmosphere.  Of course it takes talent and writing skills and interest in the field—but to make it in journalism, it comes down to being at the right time and the right place and knowing what the right time is and where the right place is-- and then on top of that, hoping people care.  As a college student who is already on her third major and is trying to figure out what her path in life is, I found this disconcerning but also very, very valuable to know. Although my view on journalism became pessimistic, I was also inspired by his energy and vigor when it came to his writing process and his stories.  I saw a new side of journalism by talking to someone in the field and it was very intriguing. I really enjoyed having him visit our class!

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