Monday, December 7, 2015

Kari's Writing Tips

Learning from your mistakes allows you to continue to grow as a writer.
       This was extremely important to me throughout this course, as I made many mistakes in the beginning. However from these mistakes, as well as with Professor Piacente's feedback and guidance in class, I was able to overcome them and improve my skills tremendously.
       Meeting with Professor Piacente was one of the most helpful and insightful things I could have done this semester. Not only did he help me focus on what my flaws in writing are, but he gave me a very meaningful piece of advice: when you finish an article, take a step back and read it over like its the first time you are seeing it. This will allow you to check for errors and make sure the piece makes sense overall. I recommend to everyone to use this technique during the final exam, as well as to bring it into other aspects of writing.
       When preparing for the exam, it's important to look over all of your past work as well. It will show you how much you have evolved and help you remember any old mistakes you have made, so as to not repeat them again. Use all your resources wisely and to your best advantage.
       Good luck to everyone!

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