Friday, December 4, 2015

Help Is Only One Email Away: Why the Writing Instructor May be Worth Your Time

By Sydney Young

I remember the first time I received an email returning a less than perfect grade on my first real story assignment. The email ended with, “Please review my comments and consider talking with Sarah Baker, the writing tutor.”  
Suggestions like this usually go ignored by most students, who shy away from seeking help or students who think they simply don’t have enough time. As an extremely stubborn individual I take pride in the challenge of perfecting a craft without the assistance of another. However, when my grade is in jeopardy my attitude changes completely. 
I was nervous about meeting with Sarah because I didn’t want to hear any more commentary about how I was inadequately applying class concepts. This was my first mistake. Meeting with the writing tutor is not about hearing more about your mistakes, but more about understanding where your difficulties come from and what approach works best to make progress. 
Referring to the textbook is essential, but what what happens when you don’t understand the explanation in the text? Going to the writing tutor allows you to address questions about concepts and have a dialogue that helps you understand the concept in a way that suits you. 
One of the best advantages to going to the writing tutor is to have someone who can read your work, understand your writing style and habits and give you suggestions on how to keep from repeating previous mistakes. Writing tutor sessions will guarantee a better grasp of the concepts tackled in class. 
However, with any supportive aid, the only way to see maximum progress is to take the advice you’ve been given and practice it outside of assignments given in class. Visiting the writing tutor is worth any student's time and can return great results for any student who is struggling. 
Help is only one email away.

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