Thursday, December 10, 2015

Advice for Future Students

Writing for Communication does not follow your standard writing principals that you’ve learned in the past. Whether you are a communications major or not, writing is very important to any job. This course focuses on two mediums of writing for communication, writing for the eye and writing for the ear. Print writing and broadcast writing both follow specific formats that you will learn throughout this course. The best tip I could give to future students is to practice writing! Writing for communication is not easy and will take time to learn. You will not master writing for communication through this course but you will learn a lot about how it works and learn how to get better. All I can say is to be open minded to feedback and practice as much as you can. Practice, practice, practice! Professor Piacente is always open to talking and meeting with you to help you improve. You are also offered a writing tutor that you should take advantage of if you have any questions about your writing. There are many practice writing prompts in the textbook and you will also be given lots and lots of practice from the professor. Take advantage of this. Good luck!

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