Friday, October 5, 2012

Notes from the Sixth Class

Notes from Sixth Class (10.4.12)

-       Rebecca talked about her experience at the DNC
o   Talking points
§  to help you stay on message
§  precise and concise
§   statements that can’t be misinterpreted
§  get information out quickly
§  ability to prioritize information
o   “Skills that go into basic leads transcends basic leads”
-       Blogs
o   Opinion drives the piece – share it! What do you think?
o   Not a rigid format like news pieces
o   Goal: people to buy into what you’re saying/ follow you/ think you’re worth listening to
o   ex: everywhereisit, AU Dems, HerCampus, Cupcakes and Cashmere, etc.
o   How do you get followers?
§  Go to another blog – comment with your link
§  Social media – Twitter, Facebook (create page), Pinterest (pictures link to blog)
-       Self –publishing
o   Technology allows for anyone to publish their work
o   As a result, everyone is self-publishing
o   This creates clutter in the marketplace
-       Next Week’s Schedule:
o   5:30pm: Current Events Quiz
o   5:45pm – 7:20pm: Midterm (3 fact sheets, write 2 stories)
o   7:30pm – 8:00pm: PR
-       Homework for Next Class:
o   Read for Chapter 12 – Writing for PR
o   Prepare for Midterm
o   Do page 12 – 1.14 Wordiness and bring in hard copy – typed

By Nicole Charpentier

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