Thursday, September 27, 2012

Notes from fifth class (9/27/12)

Code of ethics
·      Seek truth and Report it
·      Minimize harm
·      Act independently
·      Be accountable

Violating code of ethics is how journalists lose integrity & credibility!!!

JR Moehringer Story
·      Name misspelling K-e-l-l-e-y instead of K-e-l-l-y
·     Demonstrated the importance of being correct

·      Review of comma abuse
    • use a comma to set off a direct quote.
    • use a comma to separate parts of a compound sentence. Use comma before the coordinating conjunction.
    • use commas to avoid misreading.
    • use a comma to set off interrupting words and expressions.
    • use a comma to set off words of direct address.
    • use a comma with names and titles.
      • but no comma when title comes first
    • use comma to set off items in a series.
    • use a comma after an introductory prepositional phrase.
    • use a comma after an introductory participial phrase.
    • use a comma after an introductory subordinate clause.
    • use comma after phrases that show contrast.

·      If your not sure look it up.

The Shipping News 
·      Active verbs are important to telling a story
·      Importance of finding the heart of the story

Midterm coming up
·      3 fact sheets and pick two to write stories from it

·      Find a blog that you like and write a guest post for it
·      Invite people to comment on what you have written
·      250 words
·      bring print out copy to class next week
  •  need some help here are some tips from Janine Warner
    • develop a writing style and voice.
    • Post often, even if your posts are short.
    • allow your readers to comment on your posts.

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