Thursday, September 20, 2012

Notes from Fourth Class (9/20/12)

Scott Forsythe Story: Key Takeaways for Leads

  • Do not mix headlines with leads.  A lead must always be a complete sentence.
  • The attribution is rarely the most important part of a lead.  "According to D.C. Police," should be one of the last things said.
  • To avoid any confusion, use the name of the day.
  • Scott Forsythe is not a celebrity.  His name does not need to be introduced in the lead.
  • Numerals beginning a sentence must be spelled out.
  • 8:45 on Thursday morning should be replaced with 8:45 a.m.
  • When citing a police report in the attribution, say which city it is from.
  • Use the past tense.  The article should say "the police report said," rather than "the police report says."
  • Since there is no address, "road" should be spelled out and not abbreviated.
  • Answer as many of the 5 W's as possible in the lead.
  • Follow the AP stylebook (22-year-old).
  • Use "said" instead of "reported."
  • Do not begin leads with long clauses.
Homework for 9/27
  • Rewrite lead for the Forsythe story.
  • Write lead for Samuel Pinckney story (#2 on "Stressing the Unusual" sheet).
  • Complete Ali Rhami story.
  • Email all three assignments to Prof. Piacente no later that Saturday at noon.

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