Thursday, January 30, 2014

Third Class - Notes by Aliya Levinstein

  • Print Stories- past tense
  • Broadcasting- present tense
  • If you are starting a sentence with a number, spell it
  • Names- first time, use first and last name.  every other time, use last name only.  
    • Exception: when there are two people in the story with the same last name, define them by Mr., Mrs., Miss, etc.
  • Do not change the quotation
  • How do you pick quotes out of many?
    • Unique
    • Said uniquely
  • Do not repeat information
  • Do not explain or analyze the quotes
  • Do not have to use all of the information
The Communications Stairs
  • INFORM (the focus of this class)
  • add logic to CONVINCE
  • add an emotional hook to INSPIRE
Writing Leads
  • Attributions are always preceded by a comma
  • 25 words or less
  • Include the 5 w's and the attribution
  • Not too specific
  • Watch clip of Shipping News
    • Find the center, or "beating heart" of the story
Homework for 2/6: Read chapters 6 and 14; Write leads (only) for p. 114, second, third, and fourth set of facts.

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