Saturday, January 18, 2014

First Class - Notes by Katerina Papas

For the People P.S.A. for
-government spends 400K on commercial-- why? Important to get word out to the public. Media "return" in spending. 

Complaints about class:
-moves fast
-focus on print journalism
-odd deadlines (real journalism world!)
-goes off syllabus often

Trade Secrets Reading
-main lesson of article: you cant teach someone to write, you learn by doing it.

Important in news story
1) Unusual
2) Conflict
3) Immediacy
4) Impact
5) Prominance
6) Proximity

-25 words or less
-as many of the 5 W's as possible PLUS official source of attribution

Keep opinion out to withhold credibility with the "other side"

Read Washington Post Everyday
-Front Page
-Front page of Sports
-Front page of Metra
-Front page of Style

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