Thursday, March 30, 2017

3/29 Class

At the beginning of class, we started by reviewing some of the fundamentals of writing for Broadcast, as people seemed to have trouble with the Broadcast story due last Friday.

These are the most important points Professor Piacente went over:

  •         Go back to the basics of Print writing (Five W’s, being objective-- no opinions)
  •         REMEMBER! Use Present Tense
o   Can start second or third paragraph with “Officials say…” to prolong the use of present tense  

  •        Conversational, less formal
  •        Don’t confuse leads with headlines or teases
o   Correct: A Bethesda fire captain has landed in hot water after…
o   Incorrect: Bethesda fire captain lands in hot water.

  •         The weight of certain information is more important than others! The death of a child is not of the same importance as damaged houses or someone who broke a leg.

For the rest of the first half of class, we worked on a broadcast story about a new study that shows that the urban legend that women use 3 times as many words as men each day is untrue.
For the second half of class, he went over the homework, which is written below, and wrote our second graded Broadcast story that was due by the end of class (the Joy Baker story).


  • Current Events Quizzes for next 2 weeks will be based on theSkimm!!!!! (daily email to your inbox)

  • Take any 3 print stories we have done this semester and in single sheet (same usual format, heading, arial, size 12, double space) convert the 3 leads into broadcast leads.

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