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1/25/17 (First Half of Class)

During the first half of class, we shared our takeaways from chapters 1-4 in the textbook with each other. Then, we looked at our articles from the Riss Mattress and discussed what to do and what not to do in our leads and the rest of the story. Here are some things to remember:

·      Use The five-minute stylebook to remember the stylistic elements of the Associated Press (it’s your bible).
·      When writing your lead:
o   Get to the point right away.
o   Prioritize the 5 W’s.
o   Stress the unusual.
·      Do not put yourself (your opinions) in the story, let the story speak for itself.
·      Use “said” when attributing information, it’s simple and neutral.
·      Always use the past tense for print.
·      Do not repeat information in your stories, once it’s stated, there’s no need to restate it.
·      Do not explain quotes to readers.
·      You don’t have to sum up the end of a story. When it’s over, it’s over.
·      Do not make up information.
·      Remember to use the Inverted Pyramid- the most important information comes first.
·      Avoid using a passive voice.
·      And finally: the reader must always be your main concern.

Homework for 2/1:
a.     Read Ch. 5-7, 9, Do: P. 12, 1.13 (brevity), 1.14, 1-5; P. 63, 4.1 (AP Style/ do in workbooks) Plus, top three takeaways.
b.     Read three articles by T. Rees Shapiro, Washington Post
i.               Write and be prepared to ask two questions that you cannot find the answers to online (Like, where did that story idea come from?)

Have a wonderful weekend!

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