Thursday, January 26, 2017

01/25/2017 (Second Half of Class)

After a bit of R&R, the students of COMM 200-011 returned to class to put their writing skills to the test
This week, students were prompted to write a news article about a baby that died after being left in a car. As always, they had to remember to use the inverted pyramid scheme–sorting the information by its importance, putting the most important information going at the top–while also writing as objectively as humanly possible
In addition to the writing assignment, students were given their homework assignments to do for next week's class:

  • Read chapters 5,6,7, and 9 in the textbook, and list top takeaways from each chapter  
  • Do writing prompt 1.13: Brevity (located on page 12 of the textbook)
  • Do problem 1.14, parts 1-5 
  • Do writing prompt 4.1: AP Style (located on page 63 of the textbook). As this is a multiple choice quiz, it is recommended to do this problem on a separate sheet of paper 
  • Read at least three articles authored by Taylor Shapiro from the Washington Post, who will be a guest lecturer during next week's class. Write down any questions to ask Shapiro based on these articles 
  • Students who did not have time to finish the Joy Baker assignment by the end of class should also finish that and e-mail it to professor Piacente by 5:00 PM on Friday, January 27

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