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Writing for Communications 9/17/15!

Hooray its the weekend!!! Time to take a minute to breath but also do all that reading you’ve been holding off on. Ughh, and before we know it Monday morning and another week of the semester will be ahead of us.

Washington Post's Taylor Shapiro fields question 

This class started off with the first quiz which incorporated current events from the week, and grammar. Always remember to track your grades throughout the semester, that being said this is the first quiz grade out of three! Second quiz will be October 8 and the last quiz will be November 5. Be prepared and continue reading current events, especially keeping track of the Redskins record. (that seems to be a common question) 

The main lesson for the day was to learn how to find and stress the unusual in a story. What makes it news worthy, or how it stands out. Example: The man who was speeding and got into a car crash. It is only unusual because he was on his way to his wedding. 

Key points from Steven Kings article:
DON’T EVER WRITE IN PASSIVE TENSE, ALWAYS IN ACTIVE!!!!! Passive is unsure and active is confident. Always wear your invisible crown and be confident. You’re a good writer! 
  • Readers must always be your main concern
  • Adverbs are not your friend 
  • Get to the point, don’t add words just because 
  • The word for attribution is always said
  • Don’t be afraid of not being understood

Read this article over and over throughout your writing career, it will help in time of need! 

After the Steven King article and the reminders for a great writer, we went over the comma- the most common mistake found in a piece of work. 

Remember professor gave us a sheet with most common mistakes that can also be found in AP stye book and textbook. Use the resources given!

Continue to practice your leads
        Key reminders
  • They should only be 25 words 
  • Can only be one sentence 
  • The one sentence can not be a run on. 
  •   The lead must include the 5 W’s and attribution.
  • Don’t ever say today, tomorrow, yesterday in your writing always say the day of the week. 

Assignment for practice is Due Sunday 9/20/15 at 5pm. Write a story including the lead, slug, and whole story for Fridays newspaper. 

Personal Branding Assignment due Monday 9/21/15 at 5pm. 

We then had a Guest Speaking come to class. Taylor Rees Shapiro from the Washington Post. 

Some Key Points form his discussion:
  • He made his big break writing about Virginia Tech shooting for the school newspaper. 
  • Every person you ever meet is important and maybe a good resource in the future so don’t be a jerk! 
  • Use the tools around you like Facebook, social media, and people to get in contact with others that may be helpful to your story.
  • It’s important to understand the power of what you can do as a journalist.
  • Always be honest , accurate, and take the time to get the story right. 
  • If you are truthful and you have evidence to all your information, criticism is easy to handle. 
  • Never be afraid to take the  lowest job there is, you can work your way up! Shaprio started as a copy aid and is now a reporter of high education. 
  • Obituaries while you may think they are depressing, are so inspirational because you’re writing about the entirety of the beautiful life.
  • Never burn bridges, everyone can be helpful 
  • Always make sure to be sensitive to the topic you are asking about. Make the person feel comfortable and safe. 

You can only get better by reading and writing more. Practice really does make perfect!!
The Washington post sets itself apart because they truly check all the boxes, fact checking is very important and they don’t lean towards one side. 
If you make a mistake, own it and fix it right away.
He said still to this day he doesn’t know what happen with the rape case and he will never know. 
Just be yourself and the rest will come! 

  HW for 9/24:
a.     Read Ch. 8, 10
b.     Read pp. 190-194
c.     Write Bank Robbery, p. 208, Exercise 10.15 / Be prepared to discuss in class.

·       HW for 10/1: 
a. Read Chapters 11, 12; 
b. Read: Writing to be Heard – 214-216; Characteristics of Writing – 233-235. 
c. Do radio story, P. 243, “Historic Document”

·       HW for 10/8: 
a. Read Chapter 14, 16; plus Journalist’s Code of Ethics:
b. Bring in a front page story or a feature story of your choice

Always Remember: 
Check your email everyday! Get a Ap style pocket book for reference. Read Washington Post and Skimm to keep up with current events. Finally, if you have any questions or concerns reach out to the professor by gmail, he is very quick to respond and wants us all to achieve.  You’re an AU student and that already makes you great but lets strive to be awesome in this class! 

Have a great week everyone, see your lovely faces on Thursday night at 8:10-10:40, don’t be late! 

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