Thursday, September 10, 2015

Friday, September 10th, 2015

So today marks the end of the week, the day you finally get to kick back and enjoy. But, before we all do that I want remind you of a few things.

First, remember that everything we read about current events starting today is fair game for Thursday's quiz. Also, there's going to be a part of this quiz in Grammar, so if I were you, I'd checkout the handouts we were given.
Ps. If you still need help trying to figure out if you're eating your grandma, I'd recommend you swing by the writing center. (Proper grammar saves lives!)

Second, remember to always write your pieces without including your opinion. Readers aren't really into that, if they were, they'd be reading the Opinion section of the newspaper. Remember, this will be hard at first, but we must leave our beloved comfort zone every once in a while.

Oh, quick question, What are news? what constitutes them and what makes something worth to be known? I'll get back to you later.

REMEMBER Marty the dog. Your number one story about the requirements for a piece. Those are:

  • Unusual (what makes it different)
  • Emotional (Does it have any emotional repercussions?
  • Prominence (is there a relevant figure in it?)
  • Impact (Did it create a certain impression?)
  • Proximity (how close is it? how long ago did it happen?)

So.. you're saying that I need what when I write my stories?
Well you'll need the 5Ws, that is:

  • Who
  • What
  • Where
  • When
  • Why
The most important one should always be used first, and we may not always have a why. Also remember they are extremely important in our 25 word lead. 

You will also need an inverted pyramid.. as in style that is. This style gives priority to the most important information and leaves the least important for the end. 

Oh, and don't forget that According to, should always be followed by a comma (,) and it must be used to attribute official sources. You know, so people know they're reading the real deal. 

Writing a lead for print?
Here's what you should do:
  • Put most important information information first.
  • 25 words or less.
  • Use past tense.
  • Do not reveal your personal opinion.
  • Include attributions for the official source.
  • No spelling grammar or APA errors.

Oh, and if you write for broadcast, you may use first person and keep it conversational.

Oh and to answer what news are, here it goes:
"News are subjects and events that journalists deem worthy of writing and disseminating to a wider audience." They are new, in the sense that they add new developments to prior information.

Read Chapter 5-7,9, and do: p.12, 1.13 (brevity), 1.14, 1-5; P.63, 4.1 (AP Style/ do in workbooks)
Read stories in the WPost by Rees Shapiro. Prepare two questions for 9/17 visit.

Feel free to comment, and sorry for sounding like a broken record!
See you next week.
Lillian Then Yarull

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