Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Class 3 Notes

Discussed the article on American University Professor Pitts
            -Did the headline suggest a bias
            -Is not a personal opinion when it is a fact

Learned the concept of short and dramatic headlines
            -Active verbs make good headlines
            - Journalist Code of Ethics handout
            -Short summary of the news report
            -Grammar of headlines -> Use nouns and leave out words that are not necessary

Clip from The Shipping News
            -Further elaborated on how to create a eye catching headline
            - “It's finding the center of your story, the beating heart of it, that's what makes a            reporter. You have to start by making up some headlines. You know: short,           punchy, dramatic headlines. Now, have a look, what do you see?”
            - “Imminent Storm Threatens Village”
-  “Village Spared From Deadly Storm”

Went over homework

Wrote a news story based on information given in class:
            -Baby Dies of Heat Exhaustion While Mom Gambles.
-  Found the, who, what, when, where, and why of the story
            - Wrote a full report based off of the information given
-  Discussed leaving out our personal bias and/or feelings towards the issue
            - State the facts of the issue

Homework for Thursday:
            Chapters 3 and 4 (grammar)
            Create 5 headlines
            Describe your personal brand (Forbes article and handout)

            5 bullets to how you live your brand

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