Saturday, April 26, 2014

Class Notes by Lisa Beck


Danielle Davis, the communications manager of the National Cherry Blossoms Festival came to talk to the class.  This festival is a year-long planning process.

The Cherry Blossom Festival:
-       non profit and the money used is through sponsors
-       1.5 million visitors came in all
-       Rained two days including the rain date but the heavy winter probably helped numbers

Social media and PR numbers
-       51,895 Facebook likes (44 % increase)
-       7,830 Twitter followers (33% increase)
-       $15 million + PR and Promotional
-       178+ million Nielson audience
-       Time Square audience = 1.5 million daily

Danielle Davis’s perspective:
-       Best part of job is the gratifying aspect of it
-       Skill sets include writing pieces quickly and accurately
-       Tough part: adapt writing for different channels
-       Important in field: time management, learning to prioritize
-       Her advice is to keep in touch with employers

Press Release

Glamor Inc.
Jane Doe

For Immediate Release

Headline: no longer than a line, active verb

Graf 1: strong lead
Graf 2: Details
Graf 3: More background

put quotes by themselves


-       Same format
-       No headlines
-       More creative freedom
-       Present tense: police say, officials say, etc.
-       Back story in past tense
-       Make it easy for anchor

Don’t forget -30-

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