Friday, February 28, 2014

6th Class - Notes by Morgan Lyons

  • Current Events Quiz
    • We will receive 2 fact sheets
    • Choose 1 to write a story on
    • Concentrate on grammar, AP Style
      • What is most important? 
      • Quote if it's unique or uniquely said
      • When to include backstory on someone?
        • Include if it increases reader's understanding of the story
    • Read chapter on PR on pg. 279
    • Hold onto your Chicken Truck Story until next week
  • T. Rees Shapiro
    • Studied English at Virginia Tech
    • Covered Virginia Tech shooting in 2007
    • Asked for contacts by Wolf Blitzer and Katie Couric after shooting
    • Applied to many newspapers
      • Turned down by all of them
    • Started working as a copier at Washington Post
      • Worked his way up
      • "You have to be fierce"
    • Worked writing obituaries 
      • Wrote obituary for inventor if Doritos
      • He asked loved ones about the person's life, not about their death
    • Why T. Rees?
      • Went to the Super Bowl
      • Lied to his professor about where he was going and why he was missing class
      • Wrote in the school paper about it but used "T. Rees" to disguise himself.
    • "You have to be fierce" stuck with me the most. He persisted and worked hard and that's how he succeeded.  I liked how he gradually earned respect and did what he was told until it was his turn to have opinions. "Take any job you get" stuck with me as well.
  • We wrote the whole story to our Pictionary Leads.
    • CURVEBALL: Lieberman stabbed Hoseman in their shared prison cell.
    • CURVEBALL: Hoseman later died of his injuries

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