Wednesday, February 26, 2014

5th Class, by Alex Mahon, 2/20/

Logged into QuizStar to take current events quiz

Everyone take quizzes on big Macs going forward

Taylor Shapiro (WPost reporter) will be coming to class next week, so have questions ready 

Check blog before syllabus as it is a working syllabus

Midterm will be on March 6 (week before spring break)
-will take half the class
-2 (maybe 3) fact sheets, you will get to choose which story to write
-you’ll be allowed to look up AP style questions
-second part of class we will go into either PR or broadcast writing

Watched youtube video “John McCain on the US Ambassador to Norway”

The shrinking soundbite
1968-42.3 seconds
1988-9.8 seconds
2000-7.8 seconds
Today-4.2 seconds

Worked on leads for a fact sheet handed out in class

For Next Class:
Read two stories in the Post by T. Rees Shapiro (guest speaker for next class)
Come up with two questions that you will ask in class next week.
Re-do lead practice (return papers)
Read Chapters 9,10, Do page 197, exercise 10.3 / Bring hard copy to class

Worked on lead for another fact sheet passed out in class (Pictionary)

Watched YouTube video “Like, you know”
speak with conviction
be meaningful, specific, and declarative

Write a full story for one of the leads we worked on today and submit

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