Thursday, February 16, 2017

2/15 Class

We began class by swapping our AP take home quizzes with a partner and grading each other's sentences. After that, we continued our classroom discussion on anxiety and how to relieve stress.

Strategies we discussed included...
- Positive visualization
- Rehearsing what you will say
- And the importance of being prepared

Following up the importance of being prepared, Professor Piacente showed the class two videos. The first one was a woman interviewing John Cusack who thought he was in the movie American Beauty. The second video was a high school student interviewing his state senator. In this video, the student grilled his senator on an education bill and why he voted the way he did. Not being able to take the heat, the senator got up and left the interview. These two videos exemplify the importance of being prepared regardless of the situation.

After this, we were put to work and given a story to write about two psychiatric patients that initiated a fight over a Pictionary game. After a said amount of time, Professor Piacente told us to stop writing and gave us new information to add to the story. He also explained the importance of always making sure that your story uses the most up to date information.

After our break, we met Christa Davis, our public speaker for the night and introduced ourselves with our fun facts. Christa is a development concern officer for Project Concern International (PCI) and mainly focuses on Women Empowerment. After answering many of our questions, Christa also engaged with us about the importance of strong communication skills and personal branding.

Among all the great advice and stories she shared with us, the most important takeaways are...
- Your writing is usually your first impression
- Strong communications are helpful in all careers
- Know the importance of getting to the point
- Take public speaking classes if possible
And the most important concept to remember,

Homework for next Wednesday as on the Syllabus...

- Pictionary Stabbing Story (with new lead and information) due by Friday at 5 pm
- Read Chapters 11-12 in textbook
- Read Writing to be Heard (pages 214-216)
- Read Characteristics of Writing  (pages 233-235)
- Do radio story (page 243) "Historic Document"
- Read broadcast chapter and list top three takeaways

Good Luck!

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