Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Class 4/11

-       Current events quizzes
-       Verb tense quizzes

-Discussed WSJ article about basketball
            -we enjoyed how it related economics to sports
            -did not stray into cliché when describing Steph Curry

-Mr. Blount’s article
            -well written but less engaging than the basketball story
            -mixed opinions on how he censored the word “Redskins”
                        -equated “Redskin” with the N word
-good example of persuasive writing, but more intended for people that see no problem with the word

-Broadcast lead discussion
            -make sure to use present tense when saying what happened. Telling the backstory in past tense is acceptable
            -throwaway lead: quick attention grabber that leads into actual information
            -make sure to still include the unusual information

            -Broadcast journalism 4 C’s:
-Correctness- be accurate
 -clarity- be understandable, don’t be ambiguous
                                    -uphold rules of grammar
                                    -omit the ‘time element’ of the story unless it’s important
 -conciseness- don’t be wordy
            -stories are built on nouns and verbs
            -fire info in short sentences
-color- make it interesting
            -allow viewers to paint a picture in their minds
            -Dramatic Unity
                        -climax, cause, effect

-Clip from Broadcast News
            -about how stations are reporting news that isn’t really “news” or newsworthy
            -people are unqualified for their positions and pretending to be reporters
            -preaching to core audience

-Writing radio news leads
            -don’t go for the easiest choice
            -be creative
            -don’t forget 4 C’s, especially color

            -writing stories at the beginning
            -Research guest for next week
            -Michael Edson, head of digital for the Smithsonian

-Wrote broadcast story using new info in the Stefanie Ferguson case

Read these two pieces by Michael Edson.
Read whatever else you want about him.
Come up with two questions that you will ask in class.
Try for questions that can't be answered by anything you find online.


Again, arrive promptly at 5:30 p.m. next week. Julianna will receive and then print the assignment. This will be another broadcast story based on a new set of facts. You will have roughly 50 minutes to complete the piece.

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