Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Part 2 of February 1st class

February 1, 2016 Part 2--After the break

After the break we went over additional grammatical errors. Among the list was:

  1. wordiness
    1. filler words, circumlocutions, and long words
  2. Redundancies
    1. examples: "advanced planning" or "close proximity"
  3. Coordinating conjunctions
    1. FANBOYS trick
  4. Colons vs. Semicolons
    1. colons introduce lists: items in a series, explanations, or quotations.
    2. semicolons separate things -- e.g. two independent clauses without a conjunction, or items in a list already containing commas.
Additionally, we reviewed tips for practical proofreading. Carol made various suggestions including:
  • take a break and then come back to review
  • confirm all facts, figures, and proper names
  • don't multitask
  • use spell check but depend on the dictionary
  • read your writing aloud
  • print out and proof a hard copy
  • know your weaknesses
  • ask for help
For any questions on the usage of commas, refer to the comma worksheet we were given in class. 

Final tips for grammar from Carol included to be sure you know your purpose, and know your point. Carol also said that a long sentence is not necessarily wordy like a short sentence is not necessarily concise. If you can remove words from the sentence and maintain the meaning, then do it. 

As a reminder, read the Washington post Metro, Style, Sportts, and the front page each day.
The homework due next week is to
  • Revisit the Joy Baker story and submit by 5pm Wednesday.
  • Read chapters 5 and 7 and complete exercises on page 12: 1.13, 1.14, 1-5 and exercise 4.1 on page 63 which can be done in the book. 
  • Reread Stephen King's "On Writing" that was distributed during class.
Have a great week! 

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