Thursday, November 5, 2015

Writing for Communications 11/5/15

Good morning and happy Friday!

Broadcast vs Print
First we discussed the contrast between the broadcast and print. Everyone had fascinating stories. Washington Post, NBC News, ABC News…
  • Focus
    • Broadcast- Draws viewers in with action(s), compelling
    •  Print- boring, gives facts, informative
  • Language/Tone
    • Broadcast- Live, now, immediate, present tense, dramatic
    • Print- More bland, has more information, formal, detailed, past tense
  • Shock Value
    • Broadcast- Wants viewers to care about issues and uses images/language
    • Print- Does not use the shock value as much because it is in the print
  • Images
    • Broadcast- Images through photographs and film
    • Print- Show, don’t tell through words, describe what happens, one picture/map
  • Headline
    • Broadcast- Captivating, attention grabbing
    •  Print- more detailed, creates a bigger image,

Rules for Broadcast
  • Write in present tense
  • Attribution can be in 2nd or 3rd graf
  •  Freedom of creativity in lead
  • Quotes- attribution comes FIRST

Worksheet/Broadcast Activity- Leads
  • Adam Neuman story
  • Joy Baker story
  • Firefighter story

Full Broadcast Story
  • Student at Georgetown University
  •  Critical condition
  • Hate crime?
  • Clear on five Ws and no opinions

  • Assignment (starred)- broadcast/print leads- hard copy!
  • 3rd and FINAL quiz- read the Post and Skimm and review grammar- past/present
  •  Guest Speaker- two former students- things they wished they learned at AU
    • Think about internships/work experience issues and questions

Have a great week!
Nina Kaplan

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