Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Final Blog (for malcolm)

8:10pm:  Everyone comes into class, sits down and prepares for the last class of COMM 200

8:12pm: Excited conversations are happening everywhere.  I have no idea what anyone is saying.

8:15pm: The Dreaded Current Events Quiz

8:22pm: The professor asks someone to do the blog.  After a few moments of awkward tension, a few people offer to do blog for a second time.  I realize that there is no avoiding this.... I begrudgingly offer to record the happenings of the class.  And so it begins..... 

December The Sixth: The Blog

8:25pm: Remember from the 1st day of class??
Top 8 mistakes that people make (the last two were related to coming to class)
1.     Spelling
2.     Misquoting a source
3.     Tense Errors
a.     Past for news
b.     Print for Broadcast
4.     Grammar
5.     Factual Errors
a.     Get yo facts right….yo…!
6.     Burying the main point of a story
a.     Hone in on the most important info
7.     Writing leads that are longer than one sentence or 25-30 words
8.     Leaving out critical information in a news story or press release, or inserting your opinion in a story
a.     I think that this is a really bad idea

8:36pm: A word about the final!
            Current events quiz
            2 fact sheets
                        1 press release and 1 broadcast
                        We will make 1 document and write both.  Just like the midterm.
                        Broadcast: Same as every other broadcast piece.
                        Press Release: Same as every other press release.
Fun Stuff! If you submit a tip on how to succeed in this class then 2 POINTS will be added to your final
Teacher’s Recommendations for the Final:
1.    Read the Blog!!!
2.    Go over your received edits!
3.    AP Style stuff
4.    Open Booky!!
5.    No live humans!
6.    Relax, manage your time
7.    For broadcast make it thorough and interesting

8:46pm: Volunteers quietly write their leads from the homework on the board.

8:49pm: Professor Piacente watches pensively from the corner. He is drinking some coffee. What kind of coffee are you drinking, Piacente? We may never know.

8:51pm: Malcolm uses his magnificent broadcast voice to read a lead.

8:52pm: Professor Piacente says that leads for broadcast should be short, punchy, and easily digestible.  You want to be able to consume it easily.  As if it were a delicious sandwich…with bacon on it.

8:54pm: Polar bears are not swimming with any fishes? Apparently they eat fish? Shayna’s lead is a misplaced success.

8:56pm: Polar bears are people too. Don’t call them “it’s”. Read your leads out loud!

8:57pm: Malcolm still has a beautiful reading voice.  The choppy lead makes him trip on his words while reading out loud, yet he recovered.  Make your leads more fluid and don’t use too many commas.  Do it for Malcolm.

9:00pm: If you’re going to try to be funny, don’t be insensitive… idiots.

9:01pm: We use our internets to research the Exxon Valdez.  The professor has graciously offered us 5 minutes.  There is much controversy across the classroom as to how to sspell itt.

9:03pm:  OMG professor that was not five minutes. We begin discussing the incident. We watch a movie.  Wallis turned the lights off.

9:06pm: Professor pauses the video to let us give our impressions.  Dani thinks that the man is ugly, and Charlotte agrees. The ugly man is not very welcoming and is quite condescending.  He does have a plan though.  What is your plan, ugly man?

9:11pm:  The ugly man doesn’t even know his plan, he is, however, a chairman.  Chairman Ugly Man didn’t want to read the very long paper that did have the plan. Maybe there was some sludge on it.  But its not sludge, its more of a substance that is thick and black and difficult to control, as indicated, like sludge. This was his first time on TV, so maybe he was just nervous, as indicated. He really should have known what he wanted the public to hear first. He is talking to the public through the reporter.

9:18pm: He feels bad about everything, so I guess that’s good. You go, Chairman Ugly Man!

9:20pm: BREAK TIME!!!!

9:36pm: We return from break and pull up the Busdicker story

9:38pm: There are no headlines in broadcast, sillies!!

9:40pm: Don’t miss the point in your lead! Say the important info!

9:41pm: Malcolm still has a great reading voice.

9:43pm: The professor now goes around and helps each of us individually on our Busdicker Story.  Each of the students are know frantically editing their papers in order to make them better before the professor reads them.  Resistance is Useless. (Oh wait that doesn’t apply, disregard that)

10:15pm: Dani is the Queen D at endings.

10:19pm: Charlotte wants to build a snowman.

10:23pm: The Professor has requested us to come back to the table.  He seems pleased.  He taps his fingers on the table happily.

10:24pm: We discuss final questions about the final.   Information about formatting and other nonsensical things can be found at the top of the blog.

10:30pm: The class has joyously decided to hold a review session at 7pm before the exam.  Snacks will be provided by someone. Everyone bring some snacks.   Bring me snacks. Snacks.

10:33pm:  Everyone wants to take a picture.  There is debate as to who will take the photo.  Who is going to take our photo?? 

10:36pm: Julia took the photo. Disaster averted.

10:37pm: Everyone sits down and begins packing up. 

10:37pm: Students begin leaving one by one. Slowly, the class thins out.

10:38pm: The last few stragglers remain in the classroom.  They are making impassioned conversation about mittens, frightened to leave the classroom.  Frightened of what it means to walk out that door into the hallway that still smells of fresh renovation.

10:43pm: Professor Piacente has officially announced that he wants to leave.  Liz stops him and makes him take a selfy. Everyone that is left now wants a selfy with the professor, to which he begrudgingly agrees.

10:44pm: The last few students walk out the door and as they leave they take a moment to look back.  They hope to catch one more image of the beloved classroom where they have spent so many Thursday nights.  

10:45pm:  Now I’m alone sitting in the classroom.  Everyone has left and I’m still here writing the blog post.  Why did I volunteer to do this??  I have to go write my paper!  

10:46pm:  Class is officially over!!!! (I think) It was a pleasure being in class with you guys and getting to know each of you. (Including you, professor!)  There will forever be a place in each of our hearts for COMM-200 Section 16.  Good luck on the final everyone!  :) 

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