Friday, August 29, 2014

August 28, 2014

Writing for Communication 
Class Overview
1. advertisement
  • List three words (adjectives) that first come to mind when viewing the commercial. Class answers included: informational, glamorous, quirky, eye catching, stereotypical, whimsical, theatrical, and appealing. 
  • Watch interview with investigative journalist and how her tone shifted through the commercial.
⌲Keep open minds when writing.

2. Discussion of personal writing challenges
3. Cross-training
  •  This course will prep you for whatever you choose to do with your communication degree.
⌲You will learn to write cleanly, perfect clarity and thoroughness, translate jargon, and write on deadlines.
4. Objective versus fair discussion 
⌲Tightening up writing: "totally destroyed" and "brand new pick up truck"
5. Self editing
  • delete and omit
  • become slice and dice editors 
6. Popular class complaints 
  • too much time on print
  • too many styles
  • move too quickly/ curve balls 
  • grammar
  • accessibility to grades
  • not following the syllabus
  • odd deadlines
⌲Note on feedback given on work: There will be a lot given shortly after the assignment is due. Take note of said feedback and meet with the Professor at anytime.
⌲Professor's email= (do NOT email his AU email address)
7. Personal introductions
8. Discussion of syllabus
9. Write one sentence describing what you read in the handout "Rough Draft" by Joel Achenbach 
10. Assigned QuizStar login information
11. James and Bryan read stories outloud 
  • Do not "bury the lead" (important things go last)  
  • We want to put the most important things first
12. Power point presentations
  • A Date & 5W's
Who: Joyce Rollins
What: Met future husband
Where: Georgetown
When: Saturday
Why: Not yet clear, they connected quickly
Add attribution from an official source, usually "according to," in order to establish credibility
Keep yourself out of the story as much as possible. Preferably 100%.
  • Defining the news...
Review news values:
13. Twenty-five word lead on scrambled sheet
  • Rules for print leads:
Important information must come first
25 words or less
Use past tense
Do NOT reveal your personal opinion
Include attribution from official source
No spelling/ grammatical/ or AP style errors
  1. Rough Draft by Joel Achenbach
  2. "Friday Morning" Blog Instructions
  3. The five-minute stylebook
  4. Writing for Communication Syllabus 
  5. Email questions
  6. Top 10 mistakes
  7. Lead template sheet
  8. Practice lead information
  9. Quizstar Student Instructions
HOMEWORK (emailed to the class from Professor Piacente):

1. Read: 
  • List the three findings you find most striking, and why.

2. Read Text, Chapters 1-4
For pages 9-11, do 1.1 (Autobiography), 1.4 (Incident), 1.10 (Shoelaces)

3 - Read the The Washington Post every day. 
Front pages of...
  • Front page
  • Metro section
  • Sports section
  • Style section
Each class will begin with current events quiz & discussion.The quizzes will cover from the Friday after class until Thursday of the next class.

4 - Accept my invitation to the class blog and read advice for success from last semester's students. (Let me know asap if you didn't receive an invite or are unable to sign on).

5 - Answer the short survey I passed out in class. Email this to me before next class.

6 - Be sure to check your email every day to make sure you don't miss any messages from Professor.

Reminder: Use for all our correspondence this semester.



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