Friday, December 7, 2012

Notes from 12-6-12 by Sarah Messenger

Last night, we had two guest professors from GSA, Greg and Judy.  They facilitated discussion and gave advice regarding how to present yourself in an interview and how to write well for personal success.
When discussing resumes, they reiterated that every word counts, and that it’s important not to use any extra language and to get your point across succinctly.
We watched a short YouTube clip on “What not to do in an interview,” and discussed afterwards.  In an interview, always be able to think on your feet, even if a question catches you by surprise.  Also, no cell phone use and dress to impress.  Be sure you are able to tell your interviewer why you want the job at their company, and don’t have an arrogant attitude and walk in assuming you are going to get the position.
As a class, we went around the room and shared our talking points and gave helpful feedback.  Some overall tips that were shared were:
·      Use words with positive connotations (ex: instead of saying you are direct, say that you “cut to the heart of the matter quickly”)
·      Make your flaws positive flaws
·      Say flip side of your negative attributes so the interviewer left with positive thoughts about you
·      Be able to follow up your talking points with examples and stories when they ask
It is important to separate political life from reality—government employees that have social media sites must be careful to never say anything about their position so that the people in the media don’t misconstrue your opinions as being representative of where you work (i.e. GSA).  Along with that, keep in mind that:
·      Employers are going to Google you: if you provide your twitter handle or FB or anything else, they’re going to find you: KNOW WHAT IS ON YOUR SITE
·      Flip it: use the company’s information on social media sites to know more about them
·      If you feel like something is invasive on social media platform , then it shouldn’t be there
Make sure to research and do your homework before you get to an interview, it will get you a leg up on other applicants.  Know who the company’s clients are, or their new initiatives, etc. so that you are able to ask good questions at the end of the interview, and show that you really want the job.

Always wrap up your interview with two things:
1.    “Ask for the sale:” reiterate that you want that job and why you are a great fit
2.    Thank the interviewer for their time, and say something like “I really hope I have the opportunity to see you in the next round of interviews”
HW due next class:   Study for final 
·      Review blog, review edits on all past assignments, and email Prof. Piacente with any questions. 
·      Final will consist of writing a press release and a broadcast story from different fact sheets. 
·      You may use any materials you want for the final. 
·      Current event quiz next week.
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