Thursday, November 15, 2012

Notes from the 12th Class

Broadcast Review:

Broadcast News Movie Clip
(Discussing the conflict between print and broadcast journalists)

Is news entertainment?
- Not a new issue -- even used to be an issue in print media.

Has technology changed the game?
-Being able to communicate faster may NOT be better.

Now there are a myriad of different places to get news. You can find the specific news you'd like to hear at a pace that you're comfortable with.

Does media cater to audiences?
-Danger comes when news is no longer factually accurate.
-Danger with a limited perspective you're only exposed to one viewpoint.

Value of journalism is to inform.

Parts of newspaper is supposed to be slanted in opinion and editorial pages.

Ombudsman is not protective of paper.

Mechanics of Broadcast Writing:
-present tense
-use "officials say" to get back to present tense

Stefanie at Sea

Revisiting the story:
-sentenced to two years in federal prison
-Elayne Smythe "phony terrorism" isn't a joke
- 120 agents $275,000 spent on search
-Quotes from passengers

UPDATE: Stefanie has fled town


Sunday, 5 pm 
Update Stefanie story to include:

Stefanie was arrested at a small town called Oroville in Washington state near the U.S.-Canada Border. She was with her boyfriend, Karl Magnuson. “All we wanted was to be together,” she told reporters as she was led off in handcuffs.

Magnuson told reporters he broke up with Stefanie. “I can’t have a girlfriend who’s stuck in jail for two years,” he said.

Write a broadcast story on this latest development that includes any necessary background so that story makes sense to viewers.

This assignment will be graded. 

Thursday, 11/29
Storify- present in class and provide links via email

Storified stories must include: 
- Headlines (with active verbs, past or present tense)
-Brief narrative at beginning (Think PR writing -- convince someone to come to your attraction)
-Stories (features, analyses, etc.)
-Social media (tweets, fb posts)

Quiz will be on Washington Posts's from black friday 11/23 to 11/29.

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