Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Advice from Nick Krosse

Prof. Piacente is probably one of the coolest professors I've had, and he's helped me make this one of the most useful classes I've taken. Here are some things that have helped me gain as much as I did from this class:
  1. Articles are due a day or two after class for a reason: deadlines matter in the real world, no matter what your job is. Don't be late!
  2. Writing for mass communication is different kind of writing: use your words sparingly, say what you mean in the fewest words possible. Also, always use active voice (this is true for most writing anyway). This can be hard to master, but if you keep at it, you will do well in this course.
  3. When you are reading the paper, pick at least two or three stories you won't think will be on the quiz. There is always a bonus point on the quiz for identifying a story not on the quiz. I think the best way to do this is pick the most interesting stories from the week: they will be the easiest ones to remember.
  4. When guest speakers come in, pay attention! They have valuable insight into what the real world is like, especially in communications. Ask questions too. They all have really cool stories!
  5. Employers value people who can communicate (i.e. have the skills you will learn in this course). Do well, and you will be seen as extremely useful by many employers!
Good luck!

-Nick Krosse

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